Webinar |  Bio Safety – AEGIS: Surface Protection Program™️

July 22 at 2:00 pm (EST)

presented by AEGIS Team with Destinations Together

Fortify your company’s risk mitigation while enhancing customer peace-of-mind.  PROTECT Surface Protection Program™️ is already serving the NY, Transit Authorities, Nike and Under Armor, Shangrila Hotels, pro sports teams, and top medical facilities in North America.

Protection that endures up to one year with a single application!

99.9% Protection for up to 1 Year

The PROTECT Surface Protection Program™️ combines the AEGIS Microbe Shield™️ with cleaning & disinfection to provide on-going antimicrobial surface protection that lasts.

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    AEGIS Microbe Shield is used across a wide range of industries to protect the surfaces where we live, work, and play. As part of the PROTECT Surface Protection Program, AEGIS™️ can be applied to both hard and soft surfaces to control and prevent 99.9% microbial growth on treated surfaces for up to one year between regular cleaning

    By using the AEGIS trademark, you are aligning yourself with other brands such as Nike, Reebok, Adidas and the CN Tower, Toronto Transit Commission, New York Transit and others.

    Authentic Responsibility

    By enrolling in the PROTECT Surface Protection Program you can rest assured knowing that you have done everything you can to provide the highest level of protection for surfaces or places people touch.

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    Proven Protection

    Available to those who enroll in the program are several communication items to demonstrate your commitment to surface protection including decals and completion certificate. Custom designs can be arranged for your company ensuring custom messaging and branding.

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    ·      ATM Cash Machines

    ·      Common area high-touch points

    ·      Door handles and handrails

    ·      Accessibility buttons

    ·      Tables, chairs, sitting areas

    ·      Washrooms

    ·      Clinics and Health Centers

    ·      Dining areas

    ·      Work and office spaces

    ·      Phones, radios, and intercoms

    ·      Computers, keyboards, and mice

    ·      Casinos, Spas & Gyms, Boutiques

    ·      Theaters & Lounges

    ·      Guest service and information areas 

    Cruise Lines

    Cruise Lines, Ferry Operators- All Marine Vessels Benefit from the PROTECT Surface Protection Program™ fighting mold, odors and microbes that cause degradation.

    Who trusts AEGIS and already utilizes the Microban® technology?

    Transport & Public Works

    • US Military
    • Piedmont Rural Telephone Cooperative Headquarters-Laurens, SC
    • Bombardier Head Office
    • Halifax Regional Municipality
    • Metrolinx/Go Transit
    • Ottawa Rapid Transit System
    • Long Island Railway
    • COTA – Central Ohio Transit Authority
    • South Carolina Electric & Gas (SCEG)

    Health Care &ER

    • Brighten @ Medford Nursing Home-Medford, MA
    • Ronald McDonald house Vancouver
    • Northwestern University Hospital-Chicago, IL
    • Windsor Regional Cancer Centre (high touch)
    • Metropolitan Hospital, Windsor
    • D. Anderson Cancer Center-Houston, TX
    • Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital-NYC, Cancer floors, R&D wing
    • The Phoenix Heart Institute-Phoenix, AZ
    • Catharines Fire Department
    • Guelph Fire Department
    • Peterboro Fire Department
    • Coburg Fire Department
    • Ohio State University James Cancer Research Center-Columbus, OH


    • Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc
    • Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts
    • Sea Trail Resort-Sunset Beach, NC
    • Hotel Dieu, Windsor (high touch)
    • Delta Armories Hotel London
    • The Regent Hotel-Singapore
    • Ocean Keys Resort-N. Myrtle Beach, SC
    • Jack in the Box Restaurants-Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Lubbock, TX
    • Stephanie’s Restaurant-Doylestown, PA
    • Mills Mill Retail Development-Coffee Shop, Greenville, SC

    Major Athletic & Locker Facilities:

    • Miami Heat Training and Locker Facilities-Miami, FL
    • Edmonton Oilers (New Facility – entire player area)
    • Toronto Argonauts training facility
    • Montreal Alouettes training facility
    • Minnesota Vikings Training Facility-Minneapolis, MN
    • Cleveland Browns Training and Locker Room Facilities-Cleveland, OH
    • Atlanta Hawks and Atlanta Thrashers athletic facilities-Atlanta, GA
    • Milwaukee Bucks Training and Locker Facilities-Milwaukee, WI
    • Detroit Pistons Training and Locker Room Facilities -Detroit, MI
    • New Jersey Nets Training and Locker Room Facilities -Meadowlands
    • Washington Redskins Locker Rooms and Training Facility-VA
    • Washington Wizards Training and Locker Facilities-Washington, DC

    Universities & Schools

    • Saint Mary’s University
    • Dalhousie University
    • Mount Allison University
    • Ohio State University athletic facilities-Columbus, OH
    • University of Illinois Locker Rooms and Training Facilities-Champaign, IL
    • University of Tulsa Locker Rooms and Training Facilities-Tulsa, OK
    • Virginia Tech-athletic facilities, Blacksburg, VA
    • University of South Carolina-Athletic offices, Training and Locker Room Facilities -Columbia, SC
    • Cal State Bakersfield- Training and Locker Room Facilities -Bakersfield, CA
    • Swarthmore College- Training and Locker Room Facilities, Swarthmore, PA
    • Southeast Missouri State Locker Rooms and Training Facilities-Cape Girardeau, MO


    • Siemens Canada, All offices
    • BB&T Bank Building-Greer, SC
    • Whitney Lakes Residential Development-Charleston, SC 900+ residential and retail units
    • HiLine Builders-Centralia, WA
    • Suntec International Convention and Exhibition Centre-Singapore
    • DBS Banks-Singapore
    • Central Laboratory-Lake Murray, SC
    • Blackwelder & Associates-Concord, NC
    • Association Services [property management]-Hilton Head Island, SC
    • BB&T, Commercial Buildings and Branch Facilities-Frederick, MD

    Aegis® is effective against the growth of microbes including bacteria, fungi, mold, mildew, algae, yeasts, and biofilm. Conventional disinfectant products kill by way of poisoning the organism or disrupting a vital life process, designed to act and dissipate quickly & have a limited range of effectiveness.

    how aegis works killing covid

    Proven Efficacy & EPA Compliance, Antimicrobial Solutions Backed by Best-in-Class Laboratory Research by Microban®

    microban protection that lives on

    Aegis has decades of experience in a broad range of industries and original equipment manufacturing.


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    Bio Safety – AEGIS: Surface Protection Program™️ July 22 at 2:00 pm (EST) presented by AEGIS Team with Destinations Together
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We are already performing periodic deep cleaning and disinfection. So why do we need your product? How is it different from the products/services we are already using?
    Unlike disinfectant products which are effective during the wet contact time, averaging 20-30 minutes, AEGIS Microbe Shield works 24/7 and has an EPA approved claim of being effective for up to 6 months or as needed. independent studies show Aegis is effective up to 1 year
    Is Aegis a conventional disinfectant?
    The AEGIS Microbe Shield is not a conventional disinfectant, but it compliments the effectiveness of existing cleaning protocols. It is proven to be effective against microorganism with outer cell membranes.
    Aegis Chemical Bond vs. Embedded, Bound, Contained Or Mixed Antimicrobial
    Whenever an antimicrobial technology uses the words embedded, bound, contained, or mixed in a coating, it is very different than “chemically bonded”. To say it is “bound” in a coating, adhered to or on a fiber, or embedded in a fiber does not mean it is molecularly bonded.
    How does Aegis Work?
    AEGIS® is a silane-based compound. Other technologies utilize silver or triclosan compounds, both of which leach (bleed) onto the user, into water, and into the environment. AEGIS® does NOT. AEGIS® physically ruptures cell membranes, delivering a static shock.

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    • Gyms & Fitness Centers
    • Vehicles / Ambulance
    • Buses, Trains, Aircraft
    • Veterinary Clinics & Kennels
    • Touch Screen & Keypads
    • Clothing / Socks / Shoes
    • Carpets & Astro-Turf
    • Stain & odor prevention
    • Children’s Toys & Equipment
    • Building Materials
    • Commercial Machinery
    • Armed Forces
    • Medical Scrubs & Uniforms
    • Pillows, Bedding, Mattresses
    • Elevators, Escalators
    • Malls & High Traffic Facilities
    • Grocery Stores
    • Hospitals, Labs & Medical Equipment
    • Dental & Health Facilities
    • Bathrooms
    • Schools & Day Cares
    • Colleges & Universities
    • Restaurants / Kitchens
    • Sports Facilities
    • Industrial Applications
    • Locker Rooms
    • Paper & Plastics
    • Libraries
    • Garbage areas & containers
    • Condo Buildings / Foyers
    • Hotels
    • Day Spas, Pools
    • New Construction / Renovations
    • Disaster Relief & Prevention