Custom OEM & Antimicrobial Applications

Custom & OEM Antimicrobial Protection

  • Aeigis® Microbe Shield® is for high-touch surfaces in schools, libraries, lecture halls, daycares and more
  •  Aeigis® antimicrobial protection shields most any surface from bacteria, molds, mildew and fungi
  •  Aeigis® prevents odor, discoloration & decay
  • Antimicrobial protection helps provide a safer work environment
  • Antimicrobial Protection Company Global provides long-term corporate social responsibility

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Protect Production

Custom Antimicrobial Defense & OEM Integrated With Aegis Microbe Shield®

Shopping Centers and Malls

Reduce the cost of germs and unwanted microbial growth including biofilm, mold, fungus and algae. Aegis®’s surface protection will reduce the presence of these unwanted microbes, while reducing the costs associated with removing them.

Public & Private Transportation

Aegis® has been proven prevent hazardous and damaging microorganisms on public transit, and to provide enduring protection over time.


Easily incorporate into existing cleaning and maintenance operations providing a long lasting defense to control the growth and survival of microbes on almost any surface. The modified surface will retain antimicrobial activity for an extended period of time, even with repeated cleanings.

Airports, Airplanes, Cruise Liners, Yachts, Shippers

Bacteria, mold and viruses are types of micro-organisms that deteriorate your assets and spread infection and disease within transportation corridors. Aegis® Treated surfaces protect against the growth of microorganisms, keeping germ population low between cleanings. Keep your clients and passengers feeling comfortable.

Grocery Stores

Protect surfaces from germs and unwanted microbial growth including biofilm, mold, fungus and algae. Aegis®’s surface protection will reduce the presence of these unwanted microbes, while reducing the costs associated with removing them.


Take control of microbes in the office and work spaces by applying our protective coating. Protect high touch surfaces that we touch every day from microorganisms.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Will Aegis® Adversely Affect Skin or the Environment?
AEGIS® has decades of experience. The antimicrobial is permanently bound to the surfaces it protects, it does not leach from the fabric or treated surface to the skin or into the environment. In fact, AEGIS® is used on baby nappies to prevent rash.
2What is the difference between the AEGIS® Microbe Shield products and other antimicrobials?
Conventional products penetrate living cells and kill by way of poisoning the organism or disrupting a vital life process. They are designed to act quickly and dissipate quickly. Most commercial antimicrobials used for treating surfaces do an adequate job of killing bacteria and fungi, although most have a limited range of effectiveness. AEGIS® is not a disinfectant or sanitizer. AEGIS® technology takes a totally unique approach. It delivers a bacteriostatic effect, but, unlike the conventional methods, it also provides long-term control of growth on treated surfaces, often for the life of that surface. The surface itself is modified to make it antimicrobial active.
3Do the AEGIS® products give off gases after application?
No. AEGIS® does not volatilize, dissipate, or leach onto other surfaces or into the environment. The chemistry polymerizes where it is applied and forms a permanent bond that typically lasts for the life of the treated surface. Normal cleaning should not remove the treatment; although it can be abraded away.
4How is the treatment applied?
For Soft Furnishing
The AEGIS products are applied in aqueous solution and can be inserted into almost any wet process during manufacturing at the mill. They can also be applied to finished goods. The antimicrobial is easily integrated into a moist jet, pad, and batch processes. The antimicrobial is cationic so it mixes well with other cationic and nonionic finishes (most softeners) and performs well in the same bath.
For Hard surfaces
AEGIS can be treated on any hard surfaces by either fogging, wipe down, soaking or paint rolling on the target substrate

How Aegis® Works

Antimicrobial Protection Company (AMPC®) is proud to utilize (AEM 5700) known world wide as “Aegis® Microbe Shield®”, a revolutionary innovation changing the battle against the effects of bacteria, mold, mildew, yeasts, and fungi.

Aegis®'s active ingredient is composed of positively - charged molecules shaped like a layer of swords; this coating actively prevents and controls the development of Bacteria, Mould, Fungus, Yeast and Algae as an active surface protectant. Once applied and bonded to a hard or soft surfaces, Aegis® Microbe Shield® protects the surface 24/7 for up to 365 days.

Aegis® is not a disinfectant - Aegis® is a long term Anti-Microbial Surface Protectant

Protect Technologies With Aegis® Microbe Shield® Antimicrobial Surface Protection & OEM Treatment For The Following Industries